Cheapest Underwater Camera

cheapest underwater camera

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Cheap underwater camera picture

Cheap underwater camera picture

I'd never used an underwater camera until I bought this disposable
Starblitz "Digital Point Adventure" camera (hecha en Espana). Despite
its name, it neither has a flash nor uses digital technology. At a small
coral reef a few metres off Playa Esmerelda in Holguin province, Cuba, I
tested it. I would not recommend this camera! The lens (or the plastic
case it was surrounded by) was hazy. The focus was not sharp at any
distance (it claims sharpness from 1 - 3 metres). It seemed to aim at a
30-degree angle away from where I pointed. And of course, it's a
"single-use camera" which is almost no camera at all. Oh well. Of the
27 shots on it, this is the only one that I liked enough to tidy up
(mainly in Picasa but also in PSP) and reprint. The film in it, by the
way, was "Highdefinition plus 400" which doesn't say is by Polaroid, but
Polaroid makes a film by that name.



Some late photos from our vacation in june...
Taken with my cheap 3€ underwater camera.

cheapest underwater camera

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