Where Can I Buy A Polaroid Instant Camera. Camera Stores Tulsa Ok.

Where Can I Buy A Polaroid Instant Camera

where can i buy a polaroid instant camera

    instant camera
  • The instant camera is a type of camera that generates a developed film image. The best known use self-developing film and were formerly made by Polaroid Corporation.

  • A camera of a type with internal processing that produces a finished print rapidly after each exposure

  • A photograph taken with a Polaroid camera

  • Sunglasses with lenses made from such material

  • Polaroid' is a 1999 b-side album released by Phantom Planet. It was released between their debut album Is Missing, released in 1998, and The Guest, which was released in 2002. The songs on the record are culled from the recording process of Is Missing.

  • Phantom Planet is an alternative rock band from Southern California. The band consists of vocalist-rhythm guitarist Alex Greenwald, lead guitarist Darren Robinson, bassist Sam Farrar and drummer Jeff Conrad.

  • Material in thin plastic sheets that produces a high degree of plane polarization in light passing through it

  • (trade mark) a plastic film that can polarize a beam of light; often used in sunglasses to eliminate glare

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where can i buy a polaroid instant camera - Polaroid Barbie

Polaroid Barbie Pink Instant 600 Film Camera

Polaroid Barbie Pink Instant 600 Film Camera

Junior photographers can create instant photos of Barbie and her friends dressed in their prettiest clothes with the Barbie Instant 600 Camera. The square camera is made of heavy-duty plastic and has rounded corners and a flip-up flash, all in Barbie's signature colors of hot pink, bright purple, and lime green. A sheet of flower stickers is included to add a customized touch. The camera uses any Polaroid 600 Instant Film, including the variety that can be decorated with pens and a special Barbie film that takes pictures with flowered borders. --Marcie Bovetz

79% (14)

2 frames separated by 18 years.

2 frames separated by 18 years.

These two frames sit side by side on the strip of negatives yet were taken about 18 years apart and in 2 different states. Not the greatest of images individually - but a really interesting story...

Top Frame: Roadside wetlands along Thomasville Road in Tallahassee, Florida - circa 1993
Bottom Frame: A cityscape of Atlanta, Georgia shot from an upper floor of Grady Medical Center during the snowstorm on January 13, 2011.

The Camera: A yellow, plastic, faux panoramic, 35mm, focus-free model branded "Panaview"
The Film: Forte Fortepan 400
(see the interesting, replenished caffenol development process farther below.)

The Story: As a photography student in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at The Florida State University, I had just purchased my first medium format camera, a Pentax 6x7 (from KEH), and wanted to test it out. My mom was visiting from Atlanta and I had given her this little toy "panoramic" camera, which had been all the rage at the time, to shoot with as we went on a little photo excursion. There's even a shot of me with my monster 6x7 camera.
I know we were switching this camera back and forth so I don't recall if she or I took that top photo as we drove around the canopy roads of North Florida.
After her visit, my mom left and I carried on in school and began working for a weekly newspaper.
Several years later I moved south with my wife and came to work for some daily newspapers, eventually going completely digital by the year 2000. I even sold my 6x7 to buy my first DSLR, a Nikon D1X, before switching to the Canon models provided by my eventual employers.
Flash forward 10 more years - I have left my staff-shooter job at the newspaper to move to Belgium with my wife for her career - now heavily into Polaroid photography and slowly making my way back into film photography, buying just about any old camera I can get my hands on and trying everything I can imagine.
- Enter 2011 and I'm now visiting my mom at her home in Atlanta, Georgia. - During the course of sorting through some of her old boxes I come across this little yellow camera with about 4 frames left on it. Neither of us have any recollection of the camera or where it came from but I decide to shoot the rest of the frames and see what's on it. - An Ice storm grips the city but after the 3rd day my mom must keep an important doctor's appointment so we brave the black ice to Grady Medical Center where I take the bottom frame while waiting for the doctor. After the remaining frames are shot in the snow I take the film (and camera) home to Belgium with me.

The Development: Well needless to say I was dumbstruck when I saw the images staring back at me from 18 years before, and shots of me at the hight of my early film shooting was a big kick. It is a very strange feeling, after looking at so many "proof sheets" in my life, to be scanning the frames and skip so much time in that few millimeters between images.

This film was developed in Replenished Caffenol-Sea.
I had developed a roll of 120 one night (3/15/11) using my Caffenol-Sea mixture.
12 tsp instant coffee
6 tsp sodium carbonate
2 tsp sea salt
700ml water

Then I decided to save the mixture after developing that roll, and I reused it the following night.
I added only 2 tsp more of instant coffee, added a bit of time to the development, and the results are better than I expected. (light sepia tone added in PS)

Big Fun. If you made it this far - thanks for sharing this little experience with me :-)



For the Daily Shoot. 01/03/2011.

Make a photograph with a symbol or an icon in it today.

As some of you may know, I've been shooting some Polaroids lately. I started out with a ColorPack II which I've had since I was 10 years old. Then I bought this camera, a Land Camera 250.

For those of us old enough to remember, Polaroid, was the cool camera to have in the 1960's and 1970's. Instant photos. The color turned green after a while but back then it was like digital today in that you had instant gratification when taking a photo.

Instant cameras were invented by Edwin Land in 1947. They use pack film, still made by Fuji Film and the Impossible Project. After shooting, you pull a white tab which releases the photo tab through a separate door. You then pull the photo tab through rollers which release the developing chemicals. After a period of time depending on the temperature, you peel the photo off the backing and voila!, instant photo.

The Land Camera 250 has a Carl Zeiss flip up viewfinder which uses parrallax compensation. There is a yellow box in the center where you see a double image. By moving the bellows back and forth with levers, you bring the double image into a single one, thus focusing the subject.

The aperture ranges from f/8 to f/42. Shutter speed is controlled by the electric eye, the little circle to the right of the lens which measures ambient light. It can be made faster or slower by the lighten/darken button. Film comes in ISOs from 100 to 3000. The little white lever cocks the shutter which is on top of the camera.

So basically, you load a film pack, set the dial to the correct ISO, set to either outdoor, indoor or flash. Set the lighten or darken button. Think of it as EV compensation. Focus from 3 feet to infinity. Push the shutter button. Pull the white tab. Pull the film through. Wait and peel the photo off.

Very cool and still an icon today thanks to the Impossible Project which is taking Polaroid photos to new artistic levels. But no more fading to green thanks to newer and better film packs.

where can i buy a polaroid instant camera

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